Kinetic Quick Start Guide: Improve your Amazon PPC


You know that PPC is important for scaling your Amazon business, but you spend way too much time and money trying to figure it out. To make matters worse, you haven’t been able to find a simple way to get it all done profitably. 

Here’s the good news! Viral Launch Kinetic helps you set up a solid strategy, automate tedious tasks, and drive lasting results for your business.


20 min read



If you take the time to master the basics (and it won't take too much time – promise!), the ways you can use it to save time and build profits are practically limitless. Here’s what we’ll cover in this guide:

  1. Two ways to view your ads in Kinetic 
  2. How to structure your campaigns
  3. How to create your campaigns
  4. How to set up your first automations

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Two ways to view your ads in Kinetic

  1. Campaign View shows information for every campaign across all your products. It looks a lot like Seller Central. 
  2. Product View shows information per ASIN, so you can see how each individual product is performing.

How to structure your campaigns

One of the toughest parts about Amazon PPC is figuring out how to organize your campaigns. Do it wrong, and your budget will drain. But do it right, and you’ll see major gains.


Our 5 recommended campaign types:

  1. Auto keyword targeting campaign: mine keyword data with default bids to find which keywords convert well and deserve their own campaign
  2. Manual product targeting: advertise on products with a worse offering to drive profitable sales
  3. Discovery campaign: target up to 15 relevant, popular keywords in broad and phrase match ad groups to identify profitable search terms
  4. Trailblazer campaign: target low volume keywords that you know will convert in an exact match ad group to drive rank and sales
  5. Odyssey campaign: target high-opportunity, mid-volume keywords that you want to rank for in an exact match campaign to drive rank and sales
  6. Exact match campaigns: target one popular keyword per exact match campaigns to scale up your top-performing search terms.

How to create your campaigns

Now that you know what types of campaigns are best, let’s walk through how to create them in Kinetic. The process is similar to Seller Central, but you’ll find a few additional features that make the process easier and way more effective. 


To create a Sponsored Ad campaign, go to Product View and click the Campaign tab. 

  • Automatic Campaigns are created the same way as Seller Central.
  • Manual Campaigns follow similar steps to Seller Central, except Kinetic also gives you:
  • Suggested keywords from your keyword bank
  • How much opportunity each keyword offers
  • Monthly search volume
  • Your product’s organic rank


Is your product retail ready? In order for Amazon PPC to work, you must have a product capable of driving real sales, with a competitive offer, and modest conversion rates. Reach out to our team at if you need help. 

How to set up your first automations

With the right campaign structure in place, you can automate tedious tasks that keep your ads on track. The possibilities are limitless, but let’s get started with a few quick wins. 


Rule templates are high-level automations we put together to help you get started. Feel free to apply a rule template as-is or customize it. In creating a rule, you’ll see the following options:

  • Name: this is for your own records
  • Conditions: the scenario where you want Kinetic to take an action
  • Settings: how often you want Kinetic to take this action
  • Action: what action you want Kinetic to take
  • Run on Campaigns: what campaign you want Kinetic to take
  • Preview Rule: what would’ve happened with this rule running in the past
  • Rule State: set to play (automation runs for you) or manual (you approve each trigger)


Make sure your landed unit cost and target ACoS are set up in Kinetic so that we know your goals.